The Palm Tree in the Bible (2)
Full of Rich Symbolism

André H. Roosma
28 January 2012 (NL orig.: 11 Jan. 2012)

stylized palm tree: trunk with three branches on each side at the top

The Bible presents a lot of symbolism featuring the palm tree.

God refers in His Word to a number of characteristic aspects of the palm tree:

  • an abundance of especially refreshing fruits;
  • its growth: rather fast, and straight up;
  • the ever-green leaves at its top;
  • with its raised branches/leaves (the official term is: fronds) at its top it seems to worship God the way it was done in Biblical times: with raised arms;
  • to that end, those fronds let themselves easily moved by the wind (compare: the Spirit of God);
  • by its example and by its fruits it stimulates men to look up and to listen to God.

The most widely used Biblical Hebrew word for ‘palm tree’ is תמר - tamar. In the old pictographic script1 this is: tav: cross signmu: water, abundanceraisu: face (sideways) - literally: ‘the sign of water/abundance of the Other (God)’!

The first time this word tamar appears in the Bible is in Exodus 15: 27 (parallel in Numbers 22: 9):

Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees; and they encamped there by the water.

On their voyage from Egypt the people of Israel came in Elim, where, it says, there were 70 palm trees. Now 70 is in the Bible the number of great fullness. Did one date palm in the desert already mean good news, a fullness of palm trees was extraordinarily refreshing for the people. Together with the twelve water wells (one for every tribe) this was typically a sign of God’s blessing and care for them. He granted them to be refreshed and to receive new energy.

Psalm 92: 13-16 states:

The righteous flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. / They are planted in the house of YaHUaH, they flourish in the courts of our God. / They still bring forth fruit in old age, they are ever full of sap and green, / to show that YaHUaH is upright; He is my Rock, and there is no unrighteousness (evil) in Him.

The righteous, that is: the man or woman walking in connection with God YaHUaH (the LORD2), will grow like a palm tree. Via the associations mentioned above, that calls to mind an image of being upright (upright is straight up!) fast growth in spiritual maturity, being always fresh like the fronds of the palm tree, and worshipping God incessantly, moved by the wind of God’s Spirit. The result is a rich harvest of fruits – that even continues with age. The consequence is that they show or proclaim (through all of their lives) that YaHUaH is truthful; that He is real and a Rock you can build on!

Hallelu YaH !


1 More information on the old Biblical script, as referred to here, in the Hallelu-YaH Draft Research Report: ‘The Written Language of Abraham, Moses and David – A study of the pictographic roots and basic notions in the underlying fabric of the earliest Biblical script.pdf document, a living document by André H. Roosma, 1st English version: 18 April 2011 (1st Dutch original: January 2011).
2 The glorious Name of God I presented here - as well as I could - from the oldest Hebrew original, instead of replacing this grand personal Name of The Most High by a common word, such as ‘Lord’. For more background information on this see:
André H. Roosma, ‘The wonderful and lovely Name of the God Who was there, Who is there, and Who will be there.pdf document, extensive Accede! / Hallelu-YaH! study, July 2009.
André H. Roosma, ‘Life, security and belonging in joyful adoration, from the hand of God.pdf document, Hallelu-YaH! web-article, Januari 2011.

Palm trees in the Bible:

  • Palm tree - tamar/tamarim: Exodus 15: 27 (Numbers 22: 9); Deuteronomy 34: 3; Psalm 92: 12; Song of Songs 7: 7-8; Joel 1: 12.
  • Palm tree or palm trunk (/column/pole) - tomèr: Judges 4: 5; Jeremiah 10: 5; (note that the difference between tamar and tomer is a later interpretation; in the original symbols they are exactly the same).
  • (Graven) images of palm trees - timor/timorot/timorim: 1 Kings 6: 29, 32, 35; 7: 36; 2 Chronicles 3: 5; Ezekiel 40: 16, 22, 26, 31, 34, 37; 41: 18-20, 25-26.
  • Palm branches/leaves/fronds - kapot / ‘alei tamarim: Leviticus 23: 40; Nehemiah 8: 15.
    Id. baia ton phoinikon (NT): John 12: 13.
    Id. phoinikes (NT): Revelation 7: 9.
  • Palm city (Jericho) - ‘ir hattemarim: Judges 1: 16; 3: 13; 2 Chronicles 28: 15.
  • Palm tree (?) - ’ajil/ pl: ’elim: Exodus 15: 27 (Numbers 22: 9).

See also the Jewish Encyclopedia article on the Tree of Life, and Genesis' "Tree of Life" is a Date Palm? at the Bible Origins .net website.

Elsewhere it is noted that ‘Ancient civilizations revered palm trees as symbols of fertility, peace, and victory.’ (emphasis mine).


26 July 2013

Pastor Paul A. Gazo (Jesus Christ Apostolic 5-fold ministry)

Anointed, Powerful... its a great Blessings for our churches here.
Thank you for the very nice message about the Palm Tree.
I can use this message during my preaching and teaching engagement to our churches. Thank you very much! God Bless you more.
Pastor Paul A. Gazo
Founder/President of JCA 5-fold minstry
26 July 2013

André (author)

Thanks Pastor Paul!
Yes, I thank God for the great insight He gives into His Word!
Do look further around here!
God bless you too, and your ministry!

17 May 2014

Silvia Bukovec

Dear Pr André,
I was looking for a biblical explanation of a beautiful vision I had last week during one of our prayer meetings, and I believe I found it in your article.
I saw this tall beautiful palm tree standing in the middle of a desert and underneath the tree I saw a crystal clear pond with children happily playing in it, and water drops splashing through the air. the desert was beautiful and not dreary looking at all. It had a soft look to it and shone beautifully in the sunshine under a blue sky.
Thank you for putting this article on the web.
God bless you abundantly!
17 May 2014

André (author)

Thanks Silvia!
For sharing your vision. It fits well with the Biblical notion of the palm tree indeed!
God bless you richly as well!

20 Nov. 2014

Eva Marsee

I had a dream last night, 11-19-14, I dreamed I looked out my back window here in Kentucky and there was a huge palm tree growing. I called everyone to come and look. I commented about palm trees can’t grow in Kentucky. The tree was very tall and very wide at the top because it was full of coconuts. Hundreds of coconuts.
Thank you for your wonderful teaching. I am encouraged that God is doing great works in His church His people. God bless you.
20 Nov. 2014

André (author)

Thanks Eva!
For sharing your dream. Yes, I see God give people dreams of the full life He wants to give us in abundance, and to be shared with others, by reference to a palm tree!
God bless you richly too!

30 Dec. 2014


I was doing a study on the names in Exodus 6, and found your article - - I truly believe I was led to it! God is confirming His Word to me about 2015 being the year of worship and Presence! Thank you!
30 Dec. 2014

André (author)

Thanks Trisch!
Wow, 2015 - a year of worship and Presence! Yes, that’s what de palm tree symbolized!
Do note also the other articles in this series on The Palm Tree in the Bible.
I wondered though: Could you perhaps elaborate a little on the way in which you could associate 2015 with a palm tree?
May God bless us all richly in worshipping Him and practicing His wonderful presence in the new year!

9 Feb. 2015


Thank you for sharing the insight that The LORD has given you regarding palm trees! Recently my family and I had to relocate our home. As I was reading your article The LORD reminded me that we have palm trees in our new front yard (1 for each mem­ber of our family, and 1 more for our next child). I am amazed that He has such in­credible provision for each of us. I am especially in awe of Him, because this year the focus in our church is the very topic of Righteousness. He is calling each of us higher and closer to Himself. Incredible! His wisdom and goodness are beyond finding out!
9 Feb. 2015

André (author)

Thanks Seth!
Yes, our Lord YaHUaH is great in giving us Life in abundance out of His good­ness and mercy! And palm trees are a great sign of that and of our response to grow straight up to Him and worship Him.
God bless you all in the new home! Keep on rejoicing in Him!

5 Mar. 2015


I too had a vision of Palm trees. I wondered the meaning? My thoughts went to the foot of the cross and our risen Saviour.... and His wonderful gift of salvation and eternal life.
It caused me to want a deeper understanding of the significance of Palm trees in Jewish tradition.
8 Mar. 2015

André (author)

Thanks Mary!
Yes, the palm tree certainly includes a reference to the cross on which our glorious Saviour died for our sins, in order to rise after three days and overcome even death! We live in Him! Hallelu YaH!
Do read the other articles in this series as well and share my amazement.
God bless you!

27 Mar. 2015

Chala olani

Thank you indeed man of God! You revealed a hidden things to me. I would like to subscribe to your page! GOD BLESS YOU!
28 Mar. 2015

André (author)

Thanks for the encouragement, Chala olani!
Yes, it is great to study the Bible and the culture of the time it was written, under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit! Hallelu JaH !
Unfortunately, I don’t have a subscription mechanism in place yet, but do check out the news page regularly and you’ll be updated.
God bless you too!

27 Apr. 2015

Norma Goldsmith

We had an awesome time during worship today, and someone said they see me as a palm tree and they could see a palm tree, looking at what’s happening in my life, your insight just filled me with joy! Thank you for the insight. I will continue to lift my hands in worship, and continued to be filled and be sensitive to His presence. I look forward to fast growth, ever-green life rooted in Him. Jesus is Lord.
27 Apr. 2015

André (author)

Thanks for your appreciative reaction, Norma!
Yes, rooted in Jesus we can anticipate to worship Him, grow, florish and bear life-giving fruit!

13 June 2015


Thank you for the nurture you give here. God showed us to be sure to have pictures of the palm tree in our home... now we understand why... it is one of the ways He represents His blessing... Deborah sat under a palm tree and it was a place of her anointing. Thank you.
13 June 2015

André (author)

Thanks for your appreciative reaction, Iris!
Yes, the date palm is a great sign of God’s rich blessings!
And the significant case of Deborah guiding Israel from under her date palm is mentioned also in the next article in this series.

12 July 2015


God bless you for the revelational exposition about the palm tree, frond. I had a dream where I was holding palm frond and walked into a service with it. I'm glad for the victory and peace God has given me and to the body of Christ. Thanks
12 July 2015

André (author)

Thanks for your blessing reaction, Philip!
Yes, indeed the palm fronds are a wonderful sign of the shalom and victorious glory God YaHUaH grace-fully shares with His community, the Body of Christ.

17 Aug. 2015

cynthia church

Thank you!
I was asking the Lord about the palm tree and it's importance.
When I was reading out of Revelation the palm trees are on the pillars of the temple to be built!
Yesterday the HOLY SPIRIT lead me to psalms 92 as I was worshiping and singing this psalm...ask and He I find your notes! Thank to paint them on canvas!
Blessings brother!
17 Aug. 2015

André (author)

Thanks for your encouraging reaction and blessing, Cynthia!
You are going to make a painting of palm trees? I’d be delighted to receive a photo of your work, when it’s finished!
Blessings to you as well!

22 Sept. 2015

Prophet A.D. Joshua

awwww wonderful man of YaHUaH, may the Lord continue to enlighten you and grant you peaceful time to work more and make our works easier, you made my studies easier, and I have had more brilliant insight from your messages, will love to follow you up   more more knowlegde and culture from the Lord Jesus. Thank you be blessed
22 Sept. 2015

André (author)

Thanks, brother A.D., for your appreciation and blessing!
Good to hear you enjoy what God has given me. To YaHUaH be all praise! He is magnificent!
Do look further around here on this website! (e.g. via the articles index or the news page)
God bless you too!

18 Nov. 2015


thanx a lot
I wanted to know the meaning of my name
be blessed double double
18 Nov. 2015

André (author)

Thanks, Thamar, for your appreciation and blessing!
Do look further here as I said above!
God bless you too!

19 March 2016


Dear Andre,
Thank you for this inspirational article. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and for the first time I have secured some beautiful palm branches to take with me and praying now that some of your insights will be as great a blessing to others as they have been to me. I was given a piece of paper whilst out in a church in North Carolina by a young man with the words of Psalm 92 on it, it was a blessing to receive then but even more a blessing now that I understand the significance of the palm tree. I will look with anticipation at your other articles later. May every seed sown produce a mighty harvest. Shalom
19 March 2016

André (author)

Dear Vivien,
Thanks for your appreciation and blessing!
Yes, the more we understand of the old culture, and what nature meant for the people there and then, the richer the Bible becomes and the more we stand in awe.
What strikes me in Psalm 92:12-14, is how flourishing in relationship with God indeed precedes bearing fruit. Cultivators of date palms knew that already in ancient times, and took their time to pollinate the flowers. Demanding fruit from ourselves or other people will not work, if the prior preparation in the presence of God has not taken place. Goal of it all is: “To shew that YaHUaH [the LORD] is upright.” (vs 15).
God bless you as well, and much pleasure reading further!

9 April 2016

derek staple

Brilliant, such a pleasure to read yours and the contributions of others
18 April 2016

André (author)

Thanks, Derek, for your appreciative encouragement!

3 Sept. 2016


I am so blessed by the exposition of the symbolic nature of palm trees. This verse is one of my favourite which I declare in every time. God bless
3 Sept. 2016

André (author)

Thanks, Judith, for your appreciative encouragement! God continue to bless you too!

3 Sept. 2016


Thanks so much for your write up. It has encouraged me a lot. I was led to use palm trees as my Facebook page. I have more peace and joy using it.
3 Sept. 2016

André (author)

Thanks, Priscilla, for your appreciative encouragement! Read the other pages on it as well (see below)? YaH bless you!

25 Jan. 2017

Elder Carl Anderson

Great revelation on the Palm tree, now I know why I fell in love w them in Florida; they symbolize Gods greatness and my Victories in God, Blessings to you Sir
25 Jan. 2017

André (author)

Thanks, Carl! YaH bless you too!

25 Mar. 2017

Tammy Franklin

I have been looking at different meanings to my name Tammy (Tami). I used to really dislike my name until now.
The description that I found here on this website warms my heart.
I can relate to its very message and makes me happy to have my name.
Thank you.
30 Mar. 2017

André (author)

Thanks, Tammy! Wear your name with joy! YaH bless you!

6 Aug. 2017

Pastor Bolaji Ige

Dear Andre
Thank you for your insight on the palm tree as a symbol of righteousness and God's wisdom.
A few days ago I cast my line to catch a fish. I did this as a demonstration of my faith to find in the mouth of the first fish I caught treasure that will help me take care of some present need in ministry (Matthew 17:24-27). The first fish I caught had four palm kernel fruits in its belly. I have wandered since then what this meant. Searching the web,I found your article. Perhaps you could share with me any insights you may have on this.
Thank you. God bless you.
Because of Jesus
Pastor Ige
6 Aug. 2017

André (author)

Thanks, Bojali Ige, for sharing your story and your frank question!
As I explain in one of these articles, the palm and its fruit symbolically represent (new) life. Kernels of it thus may represent the potential of new life, or new life to come. It's like with any seed that may be sown to bear fruit and multiply; in this case it's specifically life that is shared and multiplied. Four is the letter dalet, the door or entrance. So what I see in your story is an entrance, an open door to new life to be sown or shared. (Could that be applicable?)
Thus I say: YaH bless you in your ministry of sharing His life in abundance!

14 Dec. 2017

Collin D Cambridge

Dear Pr
Thank you for this knowledge. At Bible study yesterday the subject of the Palm tree/leaves came up. Grateful to share this information when next we meet at bible study. God Bless you. Please pray for the members of our bible study that we may embrace the symbol of the palm tree, and serve God in Fullness.
17 Dec. 2017

André (author)

Thank you, Collin, for your encouraging feedback!
May YaHUaH bless you and your Bible study group, in embracing the rich symbolism of the Bible and in serving Him in fullness!
Note also the other articles in this series on The Palm Tree in the Bible.

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